Ahad, 28 Oktober 2012

SkyTrex Adventure at Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam, Selangor

When the Fun in the Forest Never ends...!

Actually on 20 Okt 12 ada football match Final Malaysia Cup ATM vs KELANTAN at Stadium Shah Alam. So the nite before masa Aku suka2 surf internet camna ntah tiba2 terjumpa website SkyTrex ni; http://www.skytrex-adventure.com/index.php. So i booked the 1130H slot. Seawal jam 0930 Aku drive sorang2 ke Taman Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam, in Shah Alam (where Skytrex is located). By the time sampai kat Skytrex admin counter, it was already almost 1100H… Sebabnya Aku terpusing2 mencari lokasi tempat tu..

Kat kaunter tu, I got to signing the disclaimer forms, then boarded a rickety old bus which then drove us over to the Skytrex reception.

Here i was given a brief briefing. The gist of it:
1. Lockers are rented out for a refundable deposit of RM5 
2. Gloves are recommended – new (RM3)
3. Advised to go to the bathroom as it’s likely to be a 2 – 3 hour trek up on the trees 

After renting a locker to keep my car key, backpack and mobile phones, I made my own way to the Gear-Up Deck untuk mendapatkan segala kelengkapan seperti harnesses. They were heavy rugged units, with multiple humongous carabiners…

The staff there assisted me into getting into our harnesses. Pilihan Aku adalah the Extreme Challenge la... (the toughest, highest, scariest). I was given an introduction at the training site. It is of the utmost importance to pay attention here as they’ll point out how to use the assorted carabiners and pulleys...

As soon as the training was done, Aku diarahkan untuk ke dek permulaan Extreme Challenge Trail. Kat situ Aku join je geng2 dari Cyber katanya.. Ni kira geng2 yg sukakan extreme la ni..

Untuk cabaran yang pertama bagi Extreme Challenge ni ialah kena memanjat pokok setinggi 14m. It doesn’t sound tough, but believe me, this was probably one of the most tiring segments of all!

Bila dah sampai ke checkpoint pertama tu bermula la berbagai-bagai aksi SkyTrex yang dimaksudkan. Start dengan fying-fox, canopy walk, tarzan dan bagai2..

After two hours, we finally made it back down to the starting point. Aku gi pun sorang2 so tak banyak sangat la gambar Aku. Tapi yang pastinya i really enjoy it..!

Finally, sebelah petang terus ke Stadium Shah Alam untuk final Piala Malaysia ATM vs KELANTAN... Cheers!

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