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AFRICAN EXPLORE (Uganda & Kenya)

(Angah Manja was visited Uganda & Kenya on 29 December 2005 until 03 Janruary 2006. All information given below are correct at that time)


Map of Uganda

UGANDA and KENYA is an English speaking country. The capital city of UGANDA is KAMPALA and NAIROBI for KENYA. UGANDA and KENYA offers exciting opportunities in tourism mainly in the fields of water sports, wild life, scenic beauty and discovering Africa. Incidentally the tourism brochures of UGANDAN and KENYAN Government advertise UGANDA as ‘The Pearl of AFRICA’ and KENYA as the ‘The Safari Country!’ Since we mainly explored ENTEBBE, KAMPALA and JINJA (UGANDA) and NAIROBI this brief is devoted to our experiences in the above places.



The airport is served by several African and international airlines. As of 2005 there were daily flight from Dubai on Emirates and several flights weekly by British Airways, Brussels Airlines, and KLM. Kenya Airlines flies in more than once a day from Nairobi and there are daily flights on Egyptair from Cairo, Ethiopian from Addis Ababa and South African Airways from Johannesburg. Ugandan Airlines flies from several African destinations.
$1 = Ush1700, try to change at the ENTEBBE Airport is better. Transportation in ENTEBBE Town is Ush1000. To go to KAMPALA (around 20Km) is better to take the minibus taxi (Matatu) than the taxi because the minibus taxi (Matatu) is Ush2000 but the taxi is Ush40000 ($20-$25). The security in UGANDA is OK.

Staying in ANDERITA BEACH HOTEL costs $30 per night including breakfast (0630H-1000H). If on a weekend you can patronize 4 Turkeys Night Club (ENTEBBE Town). ANDERITA BEACH HOTEL; Nambi Road, ENTEBBE (Tel: 041-322435 / 031-271912 Mob: 077-665616 / 077-445667). Name of the Administrator: Maggie. Driver of ANDERITA BEACH HOTEL: Saler (071374955).

To go to JINJA (around 80Km) from KAMPALA is better to take the minibus taxi (Matatu) than the taxi because the minibus taxi (Matatu) is Ush2500. On reaching JINJA head for the ‘Nile High Camp’, it is preferable that you book accommodation in advance at adrift@surfthesource.com. I would advise a dormitory ($5), which is very comfortable, and you can get some real good company. Transfers to Nile High Camp are FREE from KAMPALA. Call Adrift Office (Mr. Dennis) on 041 252 720 or 077 237438 to make reservation.


Map of Kenya

There are two buses company; Scandinavian Express Service Ltd: (Tel: 041 348895). There are 2 levels of service the 'Royal' and 'Executive'. Fares Ush50,000/Ush60,000 ($25-$35). Both services are very best, safe, reliable and comfortable service (Free service on board: Drinking water, Sweets, Soft drinks, Biscuits, Paper bags, Serviettes and First Aid Kit) than Akamba bus. Akamba Bus Company: (Tel: 041 250412) run several daily services from KAMPALA to NAIROBI. There are 2 levels of service the 'Royal Akamba' and 'Akamba Executive'. Fares Ush25,000/Ush36,000 ($15-$25). Both services are very reliable and considered safe (actually not comfortable-very bad!). Buses depart KAMPALA at 0700H and a second Executive services leaves at 1500H. Try to take at 0700H is better. The travel time to NAIROBI is 12 to 14 hours.

The two border posts used by most visitors traveling by bus from KAMPALA to NAIROBI are MALABA and BUSIA. (Please bring your Vaccination Book together because in BUSIA City Immigration, they will ask. WO II Yusaini almost pays $50 for that mistake). Try to change $50 at the border (BUSIA City) and after in NAIROBI at the Money Changer. DO NOT CHANGE ON THE ROAD. In NAIROBI the security is NOT VERY GOOD. $1 = Ksh72.

We just spent 11 hours in NAIROBI. Just turn around the NAIROBI Town, US Embassy Bombing Memorial Park, Giraffe Center, NAIROBI Safari Walk, NAIROBI National Park, NAIROBI Museum, NAIROBI Handcraft (Souvenir Shop), 3 Wheel Restaurants.


Rafting (JINJA)

A really “out of the world experience”. Although there are a number of companies organizing the stuff we found “ADRIFT The Adventure” quite good. They take you over 31 Km of rapids (many class 5) and it is a unique experience. River Nile offers the best commercial rafting site in the world. You have the option of a full day or a half day package (cost is different). Office of ADRIFT The Adventure is opposite UGANDA Museum. They charge $95 for Full Day Raft. For more adventure you can asked Master Raft ‘Jofrey’ (the Blackman that I think he is UGANDAN. Tel: +25678132774). They also offer to sell you the DVD and VCD photos of this experience, which I found was a good buy at $75. If you are more than one, then you need to buy just one DVD and VCD photos and you can make copies later. There is one Nile High Camp Staff name Richard that you can ask anything from him if you need help (Tel: +25677362414).

Bungee Jump (JINJA)

For the strong hearted there is bungee at Nile High Camp. At 44m it is a mind-boggling experience. If you are afraid of heights and like to play safe it is not for you. They charge $55 per jump and $65 for second jump. I think that people who feel that they shall decide (to jump or not) on reaching there, invariably don’t jump. Those who are determined only jump. Anyway feeling afraid is only natural. Try the ‘Nile High Combo’ package where you can bungee jump and raft in the same day.

UGANDA Wildlife Education Center (ENTEBBE)

The cost entry is Ush10000 (for non-resident) per head. It was an enjoyable ride-donkey (Ush1000). You mainly see the lion, two horned rhinos, water bucks, crocodile, etc. There is a good view also from UWEC ENTEBBE that is Lake Victoria!


US Embassy Bombing Memorial Park (NAIROBI)

The cost entry Ksh20 only. Location in NAIROBI City Center.

 The Town   

A town of 100,000 depends on tourism for its revenue. It has good restaurants (we patronized 3 Wheel Restaurant, it was good). People are friendly and are quite safe.

NAIROBI Giraffe Center

The different cost entry for resident and non-resident, but we got resident cost because of we went there with my friend (KENYAN) who works with MERLIN NGO in KINDU (Miss Elizabeth). The cost entry for resident is Ksh100 and for non-resident almost triple of that.

NAIROBI Safari Walk

Also we got resident cost for entry the NAIROBI Safari Walk (Ksh100) where we saw much wildlife there.

NAIROBI Natinal Park

We just went there near the gate because of not enough time to entry and also we thought we will see the same type of wildlife there.


We just sent there a few minutes because of not enough time to entry.

NAIROBI Handcraft (Souvenir Shop)

There are many handcraft/souvenir shops in NAIROBI Town especially near the GLOBAL Museum. We just survey because she advice to go other place (in front of GRACIA Guest House) look like ‘Night Market’ in MALAYSIA where we got cheaper price and variety choice.

3 Wheel Restaurant

3 Wheel Restaurant is the most popular restaurant in richer residents there in NAIROBI. We spent there $30 for BBQ (5 persons: Myself, WO II Yusaini, Maj Traore, Miss Elize and our driver).


Actually I plan to make ROCK CLIMBING and SAFARI (Full Day Package = $65) at LAKE NAIVASHA & HELL’S GATE where I make arrangement with one Travel Agency in NAIROBI. If you want, you can contact Mr Kenn Tims (info@nairobibackpackers.com). But we failed to do it because of AKAMBA Bus that we took from KAMPALA to NAIROBI broken down on the road. So I advise you don’t take AKAMBA Bus (very bad!). You can choose SCANDINAVIA BUS (more comfortable). 

Diary of Event

USD          Ush          Ksh
29/12/2005 0800H Cx-in in KINDU Airport
1030H Boarding FORMULA Ush
1045H ETD to BUNIA  $1.00=1700
1300H ETA Bunia (Soda)  $1.00
(Change Money $50.00) Ush 85000
1620H Visa/Passport Stamping
1700H ETD to KAMPALA (Taxi)  $10.00
1815H MTN Airtime 5000
1830H Lunch' at Holiday Express 6000
Hotel (Fresh Talapia)
Shopping (Sunglass) 3000
1945H ETD to JINJA (Mini bus) 2500
2145H ETA JINJA Nile High Camp
(Boda boda) 1000
2200H Cx-in Dorm Bed (2 Nights)  $10.00
2245H Bar Nile High Camp
(2 X Soda) 1600
30/12/2005 0800H Assemble at Bar Nile High
Camp (Full Day Rafting)  $95.00
1000H Full day Rafting
1745H End of Rafting
(Book DVD & VCD photo)  $75.00
2015H Dinner (Buffet) 7000
Soda 800
Book AKAMBA Bus Ticket 25000
31/12/2005 0830H B/Fast at Nile High Camp 5000 FORMULA Ksh
0930H BUNGEE JUMP  $55.00  $1.00=72
1030H Bar Nile High Camp (Soda) 800
1045H ETD to JINJA Town
(Boda boda) 1500
1130H JINJA Cyber Café 400
1230H JINJA Book Shop (Map) 10000
1245H MTN Airtime 2000
1300H Lunch at Restaurant & 4000
Pool House
1530H Back to Nile High Camp 1500
(Boda boda)
1630H To GAPCO Fuel Station 1500
wait for AKAMBA Bus to
NAIROBI (Boda boda)
2030H Arrive BUSIA City (Border)
Change Money $25 Ksh 1800
01/01/2006 1030H ETA NAIROBI
B/Fast at Lusan Restaurant) 120
1045H SAFARICOM (Sim Card) 200
1230H US Embassy Bombing 100
Memorial Park
1315H KENYA Casino
(Change Money $50) Ksh 3600
1330H Bun Chicken Chili & Soda 70
1350H Giraffe Center 100
1530H NAIROBI Safari Walk 100
1630H NAIROBI National Park
1645H NAIROBI Museum
1715H NAIROBI Souvernir Shop
1800H Fruit Stall 320
1815H 3 Wheel Restaurant  $15.00
2015H Back to KIH
2100H To Scandinavia Bus Station 2000
02/01/2006 0530H MALABA (Border)
0630H Continue to KAMPALA
1015H Adrift Office (Collect DVD)
Boda boda 3000
2 X T-Shirt  $30.00
1 X Hat  $10.00
1100H Souvernir Shop
2 X T-Shirt  $15.00
1130H ETD to Anderita Beach  $10.00
Hotel (Taxi)
1210H ETA Anderita Beach Hotel
(1 X Night)  $15.00
1345H Lunch  $4.00
1445H ENTEBBE Town (bodaboda) 1000
(Change Money $15) Ush 25500
1645H ENTEBBE Zoo (UWEC) 10000
Boda boda 1000
MTN Airtime 2000
1800H Back to Hotel (Boda boda) 1000
2045H Dinner  $5.00
2145H Play pool 2000
03/01/2006 0745H B/Fast
0730H Play pool 1500
0830H Cx-out Anderita Beach
Hotel (Transport to Airport)  $1.50
0850H ETA ENTEBBE Airport
0900H Cx-in Airport
Sandwich (Chicken)  $3.00
Soda  $1.00
CONGO cap  $3.00
100100 3010
 $358.50       $58.88       $41.81
                                         Total Expenditure                                    $459.19

Some Practical Tips

Ø  Carry sun block lotion and good sunglasses.
Ø  Carry a good book.
Ø  Walkman and good camera are must.
Ø  Always change currency in a bank you get a better price.
Ø  Carry some shorts and Tees, max of 1-2 jeans including what you are wearing.
Ø  Carry cash at a rate of $100 per day of holiday plus 10% if you don’t intend to do any heavy shopping.
Ø  Take a rucksack rather than a suitcase; don’t bother carrying bed sheets etc.
Ø  Take usual protective measures.

Wish you a happy trip...!



The views expressed are solely of the author. WO II Yusaini my companion has quite a different view. The author bears no responsibilities for the mental trauma you undergo if you take this write up more seriously than it is intended.

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